Archived Memos from April, 2015

Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 34 – 4/28/2015

Abe Kanan, Ryan Manno, and Sam Kanan, discuss…
1. Bass out sick
2. Abe’s “HARD” nap
3. Abe’s ripped up sleeping shirts
4. Ryan’s garden
5. Missing kid returns with no explanation
6. Sammy Lou Who
7. Abe’s retention scheme works again
8. First impressions of people meeting us
9. Bass needs to know Abe’s whereabouts 24/7
10. Women who use toothpicks
11. Baltimore riots
12. Bruce Jenner interview
13. Elton John would … Read More

Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 33 – 4/20/2015

Abe Kanan, Ryan Manno, Sam Kanan, and Bass discuss…
1. Selling our show to Shark Tank
2. Dancing With the Stars is rigged
3. Waiting in line for random Bulls playoff tickets
4. Horace Grant would be a good Cosby Show character
5. Warren Sapp video released admitting to hooker
6. Warren Sapp made his case look worse
7. Getting a hooker pregnant
8. Sam would be a … Read More

Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 32 – 4/14/2015

Abe Kanan, Ryan Manno, Sam Kanan, and Bass discuss…
1. Reason Sam was running late
2. Lebron James calls Bass “boy”
3. Rub maps
4. Ryan moved to paradise
5. Sam enters conversation and explodes in record time
6. Sam questions Abe’s mock British version of him
7. Ryan “Hollywood” Manno
8. California water crisis
9. Ryan’s new California friends
10. Abe’s horrible towel and smoothie incidents
11. Man versus food … Read More

Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 31 – 4/7/2015

Abe Kanan, Ryan Manno, and Bass discuss…
1. Chicago Mayor race
2. Rahm Emanuel had his finger cut off at Arbys
3. Abe’s reactions are the worst when noticing deformities
4. Bass always makes a big deal about his birthday
5. Easter
6. Lamb is like flex seal
7. Story about when the Abe Kanan Show almost broke up
8. Scientology
9. Dinosaur mini series is needed
10. Lynard Skynard … Read More

Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 30 – 3/31/2015

Abe Kanan, Ryan Manno, Bass, and Sam Kanan discuss…
1. Ryan slept over at Sam’s house
2. Sam might have poisoned Ryan
3. Waking up early
4. The cons of wearing adult diapers
5. Research proves that Abe’s schemes work
6. Bosses aren’t funny
7. Corporations should shut up about all issues
8. Overly masculine guys who have threesome’s
9. Abe and Sam documentary
10. Racist parents in barbershop
11. Long … Read More

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