Archived Memos from August, 2017

Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 138 – 8/22/2017

Tons of breaking news, Chuck E. Cheese band retiring, diarrhea is the greatest excuse ever, the solar eclipse, and why Abe hid from the grocery store delivery guy.

Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 137 – 8/15/2017

People who hold torches, Ric Flair, statues, tow truck workers who eat ribs, Abe’s car was hit. and strippers knees.

Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 136 – 8/9/2017

The Los Angeles trip fiasco, Cosby Show marathon, Watermelons, sex robots, and lions.

Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 135 – 7/31/2017

Abe and Ice Cube collaboration, Chris Christie looks like Humpty Dumpty, Steve Jobs widow on yacht with boyfriend, and tough guys at funerals.

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