Archived Memos from June, 2018

Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 163 – 6/28/2018

Episode 163 topics…
1. Lebron James free agency is like the hot girl with a bunch of fat guys
2. Three tragic deaths this week
3. Vinnie Paul strip club incident
4. What are omen who showed boobs at Pantera concert up to now
5. David Lee Roth groupies versus Phil Anselmo groupies
6. Sam and Abe saw a white kid dressed as Prince in blackface
7. Elvis concert with multiple Elvis’s
8. New Roseanne spinoff looks horrible
9. On our way to 100,000 listeners

Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 162 – 6/13/2018

Episode 162 topics…
1. Abe’s great basketball achievements
2. Watching people fall stops being funny at fifty
3. Tekashi 69 ridiculous video
4. More thought should be put into who people have kids with
5. Jamie Foxx accused of hitting someone in the head with his junk
6. Peyton Manning junk story
7. People who lose weight wear stuff that is too tight
8. The divorce lottery

Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 161 – 6/12/2018

Episode 161 topics…
1. Forrest Gump’s mom having sex with the principal at the school
2. Getting out of tickets
3. Life hacks
4. The key phrase to say to get out of tickets
5. Los Angeles bad neighborhoods look good because of the palm trees
6. Maps on the phone have made us stupid
7. Memorizing numbers
8. People who lose their hand usually deserve it
9. Losing feet and feet that fall asleep
10. Abe’s constipation life hack
11. Abe’s clean bathroom retail space idea
12. Every business should have a Brock Lesnar type working there
13. Bizarro world update
14. Stormy Daniels is not a hero
15. Thermacuts
16. Most ripped people are on steroids

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