Archived Memos from February, 2019

Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 177 – 2/7/2019

Episode 177 topics…
1. Check in with Sam after a Dentist visit
2. People who get angry when you ask questions
3. A demanded apology from Chicago Bulls broadcaster
4. Abe, for the third time, was blocked on Twitter
5. People who post about political issues on social media all day
6. The Rock’s cheat meals
7. People with a lot of money need to spend it now
8. People who drink Diet Coke have real issues
9. The glory and depression of eating fast food
10. Going to the casino is like eating fast food
11. Anyone who blocks Abe on Twitter is in horrible company

Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 176 – 1/17/2019

Episode 176 topics…
1. Question: Who is the biggest A-hole on the show
2. Talking to people in elevators
3. People who unfriend you on Facebook and then die
4. The White House fast food feast
5. Fancy restaurant and wedding food
6. Going inside fast food places as opposed to the drive-through
7. It looked like Abe was wearing a thong
8. People who only wear sweatpants
9. Answer: Who is the biggest A-hole on the show

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