• Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 177 – 2/7/2019 Episode 177 topics… 1. Check in with Sam after a Dentist visit 2. People who get angry when you ask questions 3. A demanded apology from Chicago Bulls broadcaster 4. Abe, for the third time, was blocked on Twitter 5. People who post about political issues on social media all day 6. The Rock’s cheat meals 7. People with a lot of ... Read More
  • Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 176 – 1/17/2019 Episode 176 topics… 1. Question: Who is the biggest A-hole on the show 2. Talking to people in elevators 3. People who unfriend you on Facebook and then die 4. The White House fast food feast 5. Fancy restaurant and wedding food 6. Going inside fast food places as opposed to the drive-through 7. It looked like Abe was wearing a thong 8. ... Read More
  • Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 175 – 1/4/2019 Episode 175 topics… 1. Live check in to Las Vegas attempt #1 2. Cell phone greetings 3. Cleanliness with couples 4. R Kelly documentary 5. Cheetahs are now on Abe’s “Do Not Disturb” list 6. Abe named yet another dog 7. Dog naming controversy 8. How to not get killed by gorillas 9. Darth Vader’s body was mainly just a torso 10. Rudy and La ... Read More
  • Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 174 – 12/14/2018 Episode 174 topics… 1. People who think they look young 2. A lady threatened pizza place that she’d complain on social media 3. People who say they are going to call their lawyer 4. Police officer’s kids can get away with a lot of stuff 5. Abe always says “Dazed and Confused” line when he smells weed 6. People who love ... Read More
  • Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 173 – 11/29/2018 Episode 173 topics… 1. Sam and Bass return 2. Great new retention department equivalent tip 3. Fast food apps 4. Advertisers on podcast and radio shows 5. Erectile dysfunction commercials 6. Snoop Dogg hosting a game show 7. Burger King conditioned us to buy two Whoppers 8. Fecal matter is on everything 9. Dave Thomas facts that we didn’t know 10. Adam Sandler 11. People who ... Read More
  • Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 172 – 11/10/2018 Episode 172 topics… 1. The real heel in Willy Wonka 2. LSU coach headbutted a player without a helmet on 3. Chris Sale has a belly button ring 4. People with nipple rings love taking their shirt off 5. Dead Dennis Hof won a state assembly seat in Nevada 6. People on Linkedin who ask you to endorse their skills 7. Everyone ... Read More
  • Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 171 – 10/18/2018 Episode 171 topics… 1. Where has Sam been 2. Fantasy Football 3. Dennis Hof Death 4. Ron Jeremy and Ronnie From Jersey Shore mix-up 5. More on Dennis Hof 6. Abe almost died eating pizza 7. The worst way to die 8. Scooby Doo ending Read More
  • Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 170 – 9/24/2018 Episode 170 topics… 1. Failed Facebook Live session 2. People who always talk to you about the same thing 3. Abe and Bass have an interesting relationship 4. Bert and Ernie 5. Ridiculous Bradley Cooper line about looking at Lady Gaga 6. Abe’s stock mishaps 7. Abe has a neighbor that leaves its dog outside 24/7 8. Sway couldn’t spell Eminem’s name 9. Ben ... Read More
  • Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 169 – 9/21/2018 Episode 169 topics… 1. Free food always tastes better 2. Worst places to use the bathroom 3. Sites that don’t have a door on the bathroom stall 4. Airport bathroom dilemma 5. The old son that walks around with his mother 6. Strip clubs, bachelor parties, and bachelorette parties 7. Roker collects loyalty points and does not spend them 8. Bunny Ranch is ... Read More
  • Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 168 – 9/4/2018 Episode 168 topics… 1. Guys who call Abe with wise guy gambling picks 2. Abe’s game of phone chess with gambling guy 3. Old school blocked calls 4. Getting killed and buried in a hole in Vegas would suck 5. Bass went to buy toys off Facebook Marketplace 6. Find my friends app 7. Cool and not cool police officers 8. Abe would ... Read More
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