• Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 115 – 1/12/2017 Episode 115 topics… 1. Bass ponytail final update 2. New microphone based kick-starter for Bass 3. Lady at coffee shop who didn’t know how to make a latte 4. Half and half great debate and taste test 5. Guy who guarded CNN’s coffee at Obama Farewell Speech 6. Trump leaked info 7. Abe’s mayo turnoff #3 Read More
  • Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 114 – 12/27/2016 Episode 114 topics… 1. Sam returns 2. Celebrities keep dying 3. Bass ponytail update 4. Do people with band tattoo’s have sex with the bands 5. Mean nerd at Apple Store 6. Abe met Kenny Williams and Sam met Paul Stanley 7. Meeting celebrities on the street stories 8. Abe’s Indiana joke 9. People who think they are VIP 10. Every married guy has a ... Read More
  • Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 113 – 12/22/2016 Episode 113 topics… 1. Guy was mad about Tupac getting into Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame 2. Donald Trump should never wear a hat 3. People at casino who make a lot of noise eating noodles 4. The reason people yell “MONKEY” during Baccarat 5. Guy complimented a girls wig and she went nuts 6. Garth Brooks wears a Madonna ... Read More
  • Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 112 – 12/13/2016 Episode 112 topics… 1. Street fight videos and people who fight 2. The weight loss drug that made you poop pants is back 3. Kanye West and Donald Trump meeting 4. Any African American guy can quickly move up Trump ladder 5. Blac Chyna using Kardashian name 6. Abe’s tip on becoming a Kardashian 7. How to spot a fake ass 8. Funny ... Read More
  • Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 111 – 12/8/2016 Episode 111 topics… 1. Abe’s hatred of kangaroos 2. Kangaroo attacks and fights 3. What would happen if any of us fought a kangaroo 4. Matt Leinart’s Twitter description 5. R. Kelly junk segment at concert 6. People who love snow 7. People who ask if you mind if they smoke 8. People who say Merry Christmas as a taunt Read More
  • Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 110 – 12/2/2016 Episode 110 topics… 1. Taking shirt off when eating 2. Sam’s claim that Abe ate off of cardboard 3. Messy foods 4. Things that are similar with babies and old people 5. Abe want’s to go out like Jim Morrison minus the overdose 6. Guy at casino looked horrible and was bragging about his looks 7. The Dark Knight jacket 8. Sam’s Trump ... Read More
  • Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 109 – 11/22/2016 Episode 109 topics… 1. New David Blaine special 2. The Bass ponytail kickstarter 3. Steroid cheats in NFL 4. President Obama and Ted Nugent 5. Regular Milk benefits and detractors 6. Cats could puke every day and not care Read More
  • Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 108 – 11/14/2016 Episode 108 topics… 1. Cubs shock wave effect 2. People who live in “the bush” 3. Guy at Chipotle was mad when he saw “agua” sign 4. Why don’t body shops ever know when work will be done? 5. Abe’s shitty rental car 6. Blind guy without a stick 7. Adults who still talk about high school football 8. The Bass ponytail Read More
  • Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 107 – 11/9/2016 Episode 107 topics… 1. Darlene’s depressed years on Roseanne 2. Cubs and election social media posts 3. Linkedin is creepy 4. The door knob and safety game 5. Cubs and Sox 6. Steroid wing in hall of fame 7. Abe used to think Latino people were white as a kid 8. All guys school and pranks on teachers 9. Lady did Abe’s sandwich scam ... Read More
  • Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 106 – 10/27/2016 Episode 106 topics… 1. Larsa Pippen leaving Scottie Pippen 2. Scottie is know for having big junk 3. Michael Jordan competitive about everything including junk 4. Suge Knight accusations about Dr. Dre trying to kill him 5. Dre and Suge both have a kid with the same woman 6. The Undertaker went to Cavaliers game in full outfit 7. Jared from Subway’s ... Read More
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