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Episode 1 recap…
– Special Guest: Roker sat in to discuss his Roker Girls (among other things)
– Abe Kanan Thought: “Guys who love feet have small junk”
– PSAbe: “Anyone in America who gets attacked by a wild animal deserves it.”
– Round One of Request Wars: Challenger Vinny in Lombard “Welcome to the Jungle” vs Challenger Mike in Chicago “Cemetery Gates” – Winner: (by a landslide) Vinny
– The Douchebag Power Rankings:
Heatseeker: Quentin Tarantino (Ruined Once Upon a Time by showcasing dirty feet and making his fetish pronounced)
#5: (Censored) Sub Place (Gave Abe only one napkin with his “dripping” sandwich)
#4: People who shame Jason Momoa’s “Dad Bod” (He looks great, stop shitting on dad bods)
#3: Grace Brown (She peed on potatoes in a Penn Walmart)
#2: People who talk on FaceTime in public (Because then you have to deal with 2 idiots talking)
#1: The Lollapalooza Security Guard (Who stopped the teen with one leg)
Squad Leaders:
Vinny became the Squad Leader of Lombard
Canadian Konrad reclaimed being the Squad Leader of Canada
Woody reclaimed being the Squad Leader of Prison
Chris became a Foot Soldier of Twin Lakes and the ambassador to Canadian Konrad
Misc Notes:
– Abe welcomed the show with Motörhead.
– Show Secretary Jay the Gay called in to announce the return of the Squad Leaders.
– Abe brought out his amazing retention department tip.
– The first (new radio show) edition of DM’s from Creeps.
– The first (new radio show) edition of The Douche Bag Power Rankings.
– Drunk Jennifer called in demanding Def Leppard, her boyfriend apparently had big junk.
– Abe delivered a PSAbe.
– The Rudy prank call made it’s debut.
– Abe felt bad for a Dippin’ Dots guy.
– The first edition of the Good Day/Shame Day request segment. Example of Good: Getting laid twice in a day. Example of Shame: Throwing up on your son. Little of both: Eating 4 Whoppers in day.

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