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Episode 2 recap…

Special Guest: Roker sat in once more still looking for dem Roker girls #Thirsty

Abe Kanan Thought: “If the Saudi prince is listening, if the Saudi Prince has WIIL Rock on right now” This thought remained unfinished as it turned into a ploy for Abe to get a million dollars.

Abe Kanan Thought: “Any guy will do anything to get laid, including listening to Cascada – Everytime We Touch”

Round Two of Request Wars: Champion Vinny in Lombard “Welcome to the Jungle” vs Challenger Brian in Cobb County “Crazy Train” – Winner: Vinny

The Douchebag Power Rankings:

Heatseeker: Whoever was supposed to watch Jeffery Epstein (Whoops)

#5: The Ruiz/Joshua Rematch (For having their rematch in Saudi Arabia for that sweet blood money)

#4: Antonio Brown (For freezing his feet off and wanting to wear a banned helmet)

#3: Censored Coffee Shop (For being too lazy to make Abe a Frappuccino…err blended cold drink)

#2: The guy who beeps his horn for Abe’s neighbor in the morning (For waking Abe up early)

#1: Curt James Brockway (For fracturing a kids skull at a game because he didn’t take his hat off during the National Anthem.)

Good Day/Shame Day Requests: It was all shame this week including having sex with a guy wearing an I’m with Stupid shirt, a fisherman who couldn’t catch catfish and Jay the Gay thinking Chris Hansen was in studio and then not being paid in meatballs.

Misc Notes:

Love Gun Stories made its triumphant return with a story from Woody (Leader of the Prison Squad) so legendary, the segment was almost retired again.

Attention, are you or do you know a degenerate gambler? Abe is looking for you/them to place bets against everything he does for some form of social experiment.

Abe wants to scare people at the upcoming Field of Dreams baseball game by unleashing holograms of Shoeless Joe Jackson and Dio onto the field.

Of course, this lead to Abe revealing that Rudy made him cry, a surprise for no one that listens regularly.

Abe and Roker go to Woodman’s after each show and eat cheese off each other or something, for some reason people think they are a gay couple.



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