Abe Kanan Show on 97.9 The Loop 2-2-2015

Abe Kanan, Ryan Manno, Bass, and Sam Kanan discuss…
1. Abe’s manly act and saving Bass
2. Depressing Super Bowl
3. Coin Toss Bet
4. Johnny Weir at Super Bowl
5. Abe checked out Steven Tyler
6. Marsha and the big man on campus
7. Best Super bowl Commercials
8. Abe’s horrible intern interview at the Loop in 2001
9. David Lee Roth’s shaved head
10. Typical rock DJ outfit
11. McDonalds paying with love promotion
12. Bass tries to get free food at McDonalds for lovin
13. Dead kid commercial at Super bowl
14. Weight Watchers commercial made Abe hungry
15. Super Bowl halftime barter deals
16. Manno’s Memo

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