Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 100 – 9/7/2016

Episode 100 topics…
1. Sam in Las Vegas compared to Abe
2. Misfits reunion concert in Denver
3. Danzig’s ridiculous song intro’s
4. People who wear Misfits gear are usually posers
5. Denver smells like weed
6. Lots of white homeless people in Denver
7. Smoking weed with homeless people
8. Abe as a homeless man
9. Skin tags grow back
10. Abe plans on winning big this weekend
11. This is our 100th episode of podcast
12. Would podcast continue without Abe
13. Reenactment of us doing podcast as old men
14. Abe taught a guy at gym an important lesson
15. People who act sick
16. Guy on Denver Train told story about crowds
17. Farting in mosh pits

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