Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 107 – 11/9/2016

Episode 107 topics…
1. Darlene’s depressed years on Roseanne
2. Cubs and election social media posts
3. Linkedin is creepy
4. The door knob and safety game
5. Cubs and Sox
6. Steroid wing in hall of fame
7. Abe used to think Latino people were white as a kid
8. All guys school and pranks on teachers
9. Lady did Abe’s sandwich scam with Bologna
10. Deli’s need to evolve
11. Abe got hit by a semi truck
12. People whose voices change around different people
13. People in lines to vote look like they haven’t left house in years
14. People who say they need to make an appearance at a party
15. Go-to lies when you don’t want to go somewhere
16. Racist pet names

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