Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 113 – 12/22/2016

Episode 113 topics…
1. Guy was mad about Tupac getting into Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame
2. Donald Trump should never wear a hat
3. People at casino who make a lot of noise eating noodles
4. The reason people yell “MONKEY” during Baccarat
5. Guy complimented a girls wig and she went nuts
6. Garth Brooks wears a Madonna type headset
7. David Draiman from Disturbed should wear a headset
8. Garth Brooks is like Elmo and did the Howard Dean scream
9. Bands with one hit should play it multiple times in concert
10. Best way to search for Netflix password
11. Celebrity birth control
12. Bernard Hopkins was almost killed in last fight
13. Guy at Walmart hit on cashier and lumped Abe in
14. Movie theater wanted Abe’s pennies
15. Abe’s second Mayo turnoff
16. Abe has a Ghost in apartment who filled his Poo-Pourri
17. People on Facebook who add you to a group
18. Go Fund Me scams
19. People who get mad when you say “Happy Holidays”

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