Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 123 – 3/29/2017

Episode 123 topics…
1. Vicious text threads
2. Alberto Del Rio’s profanity laced wedding invitation
3. Abe wouldn’t care if Bass stole his car
4. The myth of Mike the Enforcer
5. Guy at open mic said Chappelle stole his material
6. Weight loss and running 5 K’s
7. People who run in 5 K’s
8. People who wear the race number on their chest hours after race
9. Guys who scream at you to do things you don’t have to do
10. Kid’s who have a bunch of trophy’s
11. Abe’s Uncle built his first place pine wood derby car
12. Abey and Gordy
13. People who say high school was their greatest years
14. People who take two bites at the same time
15. Garth Brooks doesn’t play the third verse of biggest hit

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