Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 155 – 3/21/2018

Episode 155 topics…
1. Abe created the selfie
2. The time Abe worked out with Hulk Hogan in South Beach
3. Meeting celebrities on the street
4. A telemarketer called Abe looking for Snake Sabo
5. Bass’ time as a telemarketer
6. The new tell three friends rule for this podcast
7. People who give a “portion” to charity
8. If someone watches Maury, they probably don’t have a job
9. People who sue their employers
10. Bass came into money at 21
11. Homeless guy told Abe he didn’t want beans or tomatoes
12. Abe’s workshop class
13. Yawning is the worst path to success
14. Sam ruins Abe’s serious PSA
15. How does a dental dam work?

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