Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 168 – 9/4/2018

Episode 168 topics…
1. Guys who call Abe with wise guy gambling picks
2. Abe’s game of phone chess with gambling guy
3. Old school blocked calls
4. Getting killed and buried in a hole in Vegas would suck
5. Bass went to buy toys off Facebook Marketplace
6. Find my friends app
7. Cool and not cool police officers
8. Abe would overcompensate as a police officer
9. Kids that wrote names on the chalkboard
10. Jobs that change the rules after you start
11. People who burn jerseys and clothes
12. People who have Nike tattoos
13. Politics and food should not mix
14. Easy ways to tell if someone is racist
15. Both parties completely changed their view of John Mccain

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