Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 45 – 7/14/2015

Abe Kanan, Sam Kanan, Bass, Sludge discuss…
1. Abe calls into Sludge’s show live
2. Vegas
3 UFC fight
4. Abe saw Leo DiCaprio
5. Foreign media guys dress and look weird
6. Guy with no legs got kicked out of seat
7. Game of Thrones “Shame Walk” to 300 level
8. Abe saw a guy with a skull and crossbones eye patch
9. Being blind or having one eye, which is better?
10. Bass talks to his son with a twink voice
11. Girl at car wash couldn’t say “Armor All”
12. Thug nerd liked Abe’s truck
13. Oil change hard sell guys
14. Guys in their forties who love high school
15. Weird coaches who ask kids if they’re getting laid

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