Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 62 – 11/11/2015

Abe Kanan and Ryan Manno discuss…
1. Abe got into an altercation with guy at gym who wanted to “holla at him!”
2. Scumbags can never be gentlemen
3. New entry to things you can’t look cool doing
4. The walking dead at the casino
5. Abe ate a $500 sandwich at the casino
6. Dangerous guy email at Ryan’s work
7. Ryan opened the worst possible letter that you could open
8. Starbucks Christmas cup controversy
9. Racist guys with girlfriends of another race are still racist
10. Ryan kicking people out of his car incidents
11. Guns N Roses Reunion
12. Abe wore a Van Halen shirt with “X” on it as a statement for his support of Sammy Hagar
13. Guy “let Abe off the hook” in parking garage

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