Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 74 – 2/16/2016

Abe Kanan, Ryan Manno, and Bass discuss…
1. Abe’s first lunch incident with Bass, in new building
2. Abe clogged toilet on 1st day at new building
3. Guy kicked out of buffet after eating 50 pounds of food
4. Types of people who sue everyone
5. Abe leaving food for Bass is similar to Shawshank scene
6. Grammy Recap – Adele – Ice Cube’s son – Bow Wow
7. Kanye busted for having Twitter writers
8. Abe would wear a life jacket on new Titanic voyage
9. Barber Shop played inappropriate movie around kids
10. Fake candid pictures of shirtless guys lying with babies
11. Fuller House and good news call reactions on 90’s sitcoms
12. Couple had sex on Vegas Ferris Wheel
13. Knicks coach had sex with players girlfriends
14. NBA player reactions to slam dunk competition

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