Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 85 – 5/10/2016

Episode 85 topics…
1. Sludge returns to the podcast and excites Sam
2. Fantasy football talk
3. Sam in Training Day scenario would be hilarious
4. Ripping people off in Fantasy Football is great
5. Gene Simmons’ song Christine Sixteen has questionable lyrics
6. Gene Simmons’ sex tape was even more pathetic than Hulkster
7. People who use Kickstarter for pools and other stupid stuff
8. People who ask for prayers for their dogs on Facebook
9. Sludge and Bass only talk on Facebook Messenger
10. Sludge sneaks into Chicago like a thief in the night
11. Abe’s slick move at piano bar
12. Smelliest celebrities list
13. Guys who have “man caves” are like little boys with bedroom
14. Draymond Green commercial and other bad commercials
15. Sludge’s upcoming Dana White Interview
16. Abe’s worst interviews talk
17. Abe hates candid shirtless pics holding babies
18. Sludge’s Vegas trip
19. Sludge almost got killed by a Navy Seal after plane ride
20. People who want free stuff always want “a couple”
21. Online trashy fight videos
22. Sam loved a local news reporter when he was three years old

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