Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 154 – 3/11/2018

Episode 154 topics…
1. Abe wrote a punk song
2. Abe bought a ball and string that you tie to your head
3. Goodbye to 97.9 The Loop
4. Abraham, Samuel, and Daniel Christian show
5. Abe has to take a workshop class for unemployment
6. Bass doesn’t mind age insults
7. Abe’s excuses to not do stuff
8. Suge Knight story with new details
9. Abe creating the selfie
10. Suites with hot tubs are gross
11. People who got fired pre 2015 for sexual harassment are deviants
12. People who suck on feet
13. Poker player in wheelchair talked lots of smack
14. Abe’s Death Wish check

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