Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 158 – 4/25/2018

Episode 158 topics…
1. Abe was forced to pay $4 for a copied “Purple Rain” cassette
2. Guys who buy rap Cd’s from rappers walking on Michigan Ave
3. Guys in Green Bay Packers clothing usually get ripped off
4. Why do racists have so much confidence? They always look gross
5. DM’s From Creeps
6. Douchebag Power Rankings
Heat Seeker – Guy at ice cram shop who used the term “greedy”
5. People who mark themselves “safe” on Facebook
4. Legends Football League
3. People who send Abe food pics when he had flu
2. Instagram models
1. People who changed their views and now love or hate Kanye West to line up with their political beliefs after his Twitter rant.

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