Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 174 – 12/14/2018

Episode 174 topics…

1. People who think they look young
2. A lady threatened pizza place that she’d complain on social media
3. People who say they are going to call their lawyer
4. Police officer’s kids can get away with a lot of stuff
5. Abe always says “Dazed and Confused” line when he smells weed
6. People who love to fight
7. Almost every ride home when you’re young is unsafe
8. Roger the jacked kangaroo died
9. Being an overweight animal is living a great life
10. Greta Van Fleet concert
11. Girls who throw bras at concerts
12. Attitude era in wrestling
13. People who hold parking spots
14. Guy was puking out of car while Abe was in passenger seat
15. Homeless talk
16. People who film every good deed
17. People who park in handicapped spots
18. Using a handicapped bathroom’
19. Crappy Christmas parties
20. Eating samples
21. Costco talk
22. Sam did all of Abe’s assignments in a computer class


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