Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 18 – 12/23/2014

Abe Kanan and Bass discuss…
1. Podcast will now be available on soundcloud.com/abekanan
2. If iTunes does not let you download the podcast correctly, all episodes will be at that soundcloud link
3. The debut of DJ Levy
4. Annual tradition of losing radio job
5. Michael Jordan’s son hosting a radio show
6. Guys at the gym using “N” word
7. Abe’s “slave” Walmart name tag
8. $6 subs at Subway cost more than $6
9. Bill Cosby’s “Picture Page” marker
10. Public bathroom fear in grade school
11. Guy with no shirt on who hit on girl in parking lot
12. White guys in suits who love crackhead hookers
13. People with dirty pores
14. Pedophile who won the lottery
15. Abe got out of a ticket

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