Thanks to all of our great listeners for almost 3 years at Howard 101. We were informed that our show will no longer be on Howard 101. I want to thank Howard Stern for giving us an opportunity on his channel. It was definitely a dream come true to work for the greatest of all time, and a guy that I have listened to since I was a little kid. Also I want to thank our original program director at Howard 101 Tim Sabean for discovering us and giving us a chance that no one else was willing to give us. I have never had a boss that believed in me as much as Tim did and still does. And most of all I want to thank YOU, the men and women of honor! You are the greatest listeners in radio. Our listeners are hard working-real people who more than did their part listening every week and spreading the word. As Rocky said in Rocky 5… “Hey Yo Tommy! I ain’t heard no bell yet!” Just like Rocky, we are not done yet! The show will continue. Not sure yet if it will be on another SiriusXM channel, a local Chicago station, or something else.  I will have an update as soon as we figure everything out. It’s been Cooooo! THANKS AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING.


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