I Went to the Last Classic Pizza Hut in Illinois

My video blew up on social media! I went to the last Classic Pizza Hut in Illinois, and the video has over eleven million views on all my social media pages. In a town called Geneseo, they have all the nostalgia of the classic Pizza Hut experience we had as kids. I remember lying to the Pizza Hut waitress about reading a certain amount of books in their “Book It” program to get a free personal pan pizza.

I loved playing arcade games and drinking from those classic Red Cups. It was a major family outing going to Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut, a trip to Blockbuster Video, and a night at Tower Records all hold an essential place in my heart. I feel that I grew up at the perfect time. I witnessed life without cell phones and was on the cusp of the technology takeover. The general manager of the Geneseo Pizza Hut location called me and told me that he has been swamped since I posted my video. He assured me that he recently purchased the red cups to be more authentic to the classic Pizza Hut and is looking into bringing back arcade games. If you love nostalgia, check out my video and visit the Geneseo Pizza Hut.